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How does IN MEMORIAM? facilitates the reunification of deceased members in the same space: Mausoleums, their access is fast, intimate, customizable, and can be set to private or public as the users choose.

• Creating Family Mausoleum
• Creating Corporate Mausoleum
• Member sign up
• Creating Obituaries
• Candle Lighting

2. Family tree


1.1 What does IN MEMORIA NOSTRA, S.L.U. offer? is an online space to remember and honor deceased loved ones, creating an online footprint to keep his memory alive. is an international, multilingual and secular space, can be registered Users around the world and of all religious beliefs.

Any visitor may register on the web site for free access to online Mausoleum where you can add deceased members and create online obituaries.

An anonymous web user who enters the site can search by deceased members search tool and access a public family mausoleum, profile page of deceased and/or obituary.

1.2. How long can a Mausolem last? services are completely free and do not expire.

1.3. What can I do once I have added a member to the Mausoleum?

Once a member is added, customers can create and configure their obituary free of charge. The obituary will appear in the member profile as well as in the obituary section.

The new member will appear with its own headstone at the Mausoleum.

1.4. How many Mausoleums can I create?

As many as you wish. It all depends on the user´s choice of organization with regards to their relatives.

1.5. How many members fit in a Mausoleum?

As many as you wish. It all depends on how intimate the user wants it to be and in what way he intends to distribute and organize the members included in the Mausoleum.

1.6. How are payments made?

This platform is free.

1.7. What areas is IN MEMORIAM NOSTRA, S.L.U. open to?

IN MEMORIAM NOSTRA, S.L.U. has a worldwide vocation and is therefore open to anyone and to everyone from any country or continent.

1.8. Are there any maintenance expenses?

No, there aren´t.

1.9. What services includes adding a member to my mausoleum?

Once created the mausoleum and added the family member you can add:

• Profile photo

• Customizable header background (Facebook profile style).

• Details of the deceased: name, date and place of birth, date and place of death, occupation ...

• Burial details: date, manner and place of burial.

• Favorite Quote: the ability to write a sentence typical of the deceased or his favorite quote.

• Biography: configurable text.

• Obituary: like a newspaper obituary.

• Candle Lighting: is a graphical tool where the user can light a candle for the deceased and free and anonymous; which will last 30 days. Each candle lighting will be recorded in the database.

• Photo Gallery.

• Video Gallery.

• The possibility to add a personal message.

1.10. Are all these free services?

Yes, all these services are free. Once Mausoleum is activated, you can add the members you want and once you add the member may perform all services listed in question 9, all free.

1.11. How to recover password if forgotten?

On the website, access to the login form, click on I forgot the password, and it will be sent to your email.

1.12. Can I create a Obituary without associating it to a profile?

If you register a profile an obituary associated with the data of the deceased is automatically created. You can also create an obituary directly without associating to a profile.

1.13. Is it free to create a Obituary?


1.14. How many obituaries can I create?

All you need. There is no limit.

1.15. Can I share the Obituary with Social Media?

Yes the Obituaries have the Send function to inform my friends of a tragic fact in my environment, inform tribute acts and / or anniversary.

1.16. What is Corporative Mausoleum?

It is a specific option for professional corporations. Funeral Homes, Cemeteries, Professional, etc.).

1.17. Do I have to pay to create a Corporative Mausoleum?

No, this service is free. Also has a Mausoleum Corporative links to your website.

1.18. Do I need to hire a Corporative publicity if I create a Mausoleum?

No, the creation of Corporative Mausoleum is not linked to the recruitment of advertising.

1.19. Can I purchase advertising?

Yes and also welcomed.




2.1. 2.1. Family Tree is an integrated

Yes, tool that can be accessed by the registering as Premium User.

2.2. The Premium account is a payment account?

Yes, with a cost of 0.89 € per year including tax (0.89 cents annual Euros including taxes).

2.3. Do I have to be user for User Account Premium Family Tree?

No, you can access the Premium Account directly or through your user account

2.4. Investigate and provide us with data on family members to develop my Family Tree?

No, we work User research and learn about your ancestors, being the space Family Tree a tool that allows you to enter the known data for Premium User and to graphically view your Family Tree.

2.5. What information can I include?

Photos, dates of birth, dates of death (if living people are included, this space is left blank), text description of each character, no character limit.

2.6. Can I print my Family Tree?

Yes, I can print to my printer domestic or professional, to make a super giant poster.

2.7. Can I share my Family Tree in my social networks?

Yes, you can feel very proud @ and share your genealogy with friends on the network using the “Share” function.

2.8. Can any user contact me?

Yes there is a feature that allows visitors to my genealogy send me more information about my ancestors.

2.9. Anyone can edit without my permission my Family Tree?

No, only you can create and modify your Family Tree.

2.10. Is there public and private function?

Yes, you choose to set your family tree as Public or Private.


In Memoriam, is an international site, multilingual and secular, where users can register for the entire world and all religious beliefs.

Beliefs, creed, belong to personal, family or institutional, and being well recognized in this website, each user reserves the right to express freely their feelings., is designed as a meeting point and link between family and friends or members of a corporation, around one of its members.

It must be recognized that in current times, family and professional life requires the geographic dispersion of the members of a family, etc., Just as the introduction of cremation and its high level of practice, do not allow both cases, the ritual of prostration before the tomb.